Online Medical Distribution Powerhouse Scrub Couture Launches App for all iOS Devices and Android

Scrub Couture is paving the way as a Medical supply company integrating technology into its everyday business operations. “With the launch of the Scrub Couture App in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace Scrub Couture hopes to make it as convenient as possible for Nurses, Doctors, Veterinarians and anybody else in the Healthcare industry to shop and learn about the latest and greatest Medical Uniforms, Footwear, Stethoscopes and Instruments at their convenience” states Danny Moore of Scrub Couture.

Scrub Couture distributes something for everyone with over 45 brands and more than 100,000 products. Scrub Couture is a young company, only 2 years old, but one way it has grown so fast is through technology. Scrub Couture’s Customer Service team manages customers efficiently by using Apps on iPads and iPhones. Scrub Couture also creates brand awareness and buzz about products through multiple avenues online whether it’s Press Releases, Blogs, or Social Media and are is always on the look out for emerging technologies that can be used to better the business.

“Scrub Couture is actually an exception to the common place uniform store, we’ve accomplished all this progress without an actual brick and mortar store which was heavily frowned upon 2 years ago when we started in this industry. We must be doing something right!” states Danny Moore of Scrub Couture

Download the Scrub Couture App today to an iPhone, iPod, iPad or any Android Device and take a look at the latest Scrubs and leave a comment on the Fan Wall for a 15% off coupon, there is also a photo contest, just upload a photo in the app for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate!

By: Danny Moore

Littmann Stethoscopes







Scrub Couture Poised for Busy ‘Cyber Monday’; Offering 20% Off All Scrub Brands Online and Free Shipping Specials – Also Tired Pricing Discounts for Power Buyers

Online Scrub, and medical distribution powerhouse Scrub Couture is celebrating Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day in the country with a 20% off site wide coupon (excludes Littmann Stethoscopes).

Cyber Monday has been thriving since it’s inception in 2005 and is the online equivalent to Black Friday; Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Black Friday and falls on the 28th. “These two shopping Holidays are the busiest days of the year, and a serious opportunity for buyers to reap some amazing rewards on practically anything one could think of. There aren’t honestly any businesses in today’s market that don’t participate in these holidays, which consumers will likely welcome with open arms especially in today’s economy,” quotes Danny Moore.

Not familiar with Scrub Couture? Visit the website where and shop for the “latest and greatest” scrubs, lab coats, stethoscopes, medical footwear and instruments from a wide variety of brands.

Here’s a current list: 1.) ASPCA Veterinarian Scrubs 2.) ADC Medical Instruments 3.) Baby Phat Scrubs 4.) Barco Uniforms 5.) BooJee Beads 6.) Carhartt Scrubs 7.) Cherokee Uniforms 8.) Dickies Medical 9.) Gel Scrubs 10.) Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs 11.) IGUANAMED Scrubs 12.) Jockey Scrubs 13.) K-Swiss 14.) Littmann Stethoscopes 15.) Mary Engelbreit Scrubs 16.) MDF Instruments 17.) Med Couture 18.) META Labwear 19.) New Balance Healthcare Scrubs 20.) Peaches Sport 21.) Peaches Uniforms 22.) Prestige Medical 23.) Skechers Scrubs 24.) White Swan Scrubs 25.) Wink Scrubs

So visit Scrub Couture and browse Scrubs from all these great brands, and on Cyber Monday, November 28th, 2011 take 20% off at checkout with code CYBER, additionally get free shipping on all orders over $125.

Feel like replacing the whole work wardrobe? Ordering for the entire office? Take 25% off of orders of $250 with code CYBER1, 30% off of orders of $500 with code CYBER2 and 35% off of orders of $1,000.

Is life too busy to sit in front of the computer and shop? Download and install the Scrub Couture App from the Apple App Store or the Android Market and shop from your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices.

By: Danny Moore

Jockey Scrubs

Backed by the Jockey 100% Comfort Guarantee

Boston Fashion Week 2011, Scrub Couture Sponsors Charity Fashion Show with Bless By Bless

Online Medical Uniform, Footwear and Instrument distributor Scrub Couture is sponsoring an event to benefit the local charity Christopher’s Haven and fashion designer Bless Mazarura of Bless By Bless. The event will take place at the prestigious Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, MA. 100% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to Christopher’s Haven, a charity that works with Mass General Hospital to provide free accommodation for children with cancer and their families during treatment.

Christopher’s Haven was founded in 2011 by Dan Olsen, a local actor, singer-songwriter and three time cancer survivor. While receiving treatments at Massachusetts General Hospital, he met families struggling to care for a child battling cancer while also facing the staggering costs of extended stays near the hospital.

“As a direct result of fundraisers such as these, kids with cancer will be staying at Christopher’s Haven. It is a precious resource for kids and their families under going brain cancer treatment and need housing in Boston for the 6-8 week period” says Dan Olsen, Christopher’s Haven, Founder.

Scrub Couture is a distributor of fine medical scrubs, footwear, instruments and is proud to be a sponsor of this wonderful local charitable event.

By: Danny Moore

Bless By Bless Fashion

Bless By Bless Fashion

Scrub Couture Launches Mobile Site for Nurses and Doctors on the Go!

Scrub Couture, a fast growing online medical uniform, footwear and instrument distributor has officially launched a “mobile” version of their online store. The mobile site is targeted towards healthcare professionals with limited time. On the mobile version of Scrub Couture you can view and purchase the full lines of scrubs, lab coats, footwear, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and other medical supplies Scrub Couture has to offer for sale.

The mobile site is ideal for so many of us in this fast paced world that don’t always have the time to sit in front of a computer and shop online. Scrub Couture’s Mobile site is linked directly to their full site for seamless viewing and ordering of ADC, AnyWear Footwear, Avia Footwear, Baby Phat Scrubs, BooJee Beads, Cherokee Uniforms & Footwear, Dickies Medical, K-Swiss Footwear, Gel Scrubs, Littmann Stethoscopes, MDF Instruments, Med Couture, New Balance Healthcare, Peaches Uniforms, Prestige Medical, and Skechers Uniforms.

Scrub Couture hopes this “mobile” version of their full online medical store will help make purchasing medical uniforms, footwear, instruments and supplies even easier for everyone employed in the medical industry.

By: Danny Moore

Scrub Couture Launches Facebook “Like” Contest for Free Shipping the Whole Month of August

The rapidly growing medical supply company Scrub Couture is having a Facebook “Like” contest. At the time of writing they have 274 “Likes” on their Facebook page and promise if they can get to 500 they will offer free shipping on all orders for the month of August.

The potential savings is huge, not to mention convenient. Any online shopper can relate to the pain and hassle of having to sometimes set up an account, type in a zip code, choose the shipping method, recalculate cost, and just to find an outrageous shipping charge. What if the consumer could go shopping online and not have to worry about shipping, they could easily keep track of what they’re spending just by adding scrubs to their cart.

Amazon, Zappos and other large online retailers offer free shipping, so it must be a good practice to follow, right? “When shopping online I’ll tend to go with the website that offers free shipping, who wants to pay for a product then pay and additional charge on top of it. It just doesn’t feel like your getting a deal. And isn’t that the whole concept of online shopping, fast, cheap, and delivered right to your door?” states Danny Moore.

This contest is essentially a way for online shoppers in the medical field to cast a “vote” in favor of free shipping, and depending on the outcome Scrub Couture is debating on eliminating shipping costs all together.

Scrub Couture is an authorized distributor of Scrubs, Lab Coats, Medical Footwear and Instruments manufactured by ADC, Anywear Footwear, Avia Footwear, Baby Phat Scrubs, BooJee Beads, Cherokee Uniforms & Footwear, Dickies Medical, K-Swiss Footwear, Gel Scrubs, Littmann Stethoscopes, MDF Instruments, Med Couture, New Balance Healthcare, Peaches Uniforms, Prestige Medical, and Skechers Uniforms.

New Children’s Book “Hospital Critterz”, aimed towards children to make a warmer and friendlier healthcare environment.

Strategic Partners is passionate about creating a friendlier environment in the healthcare workplace. With the creation of the Tooniforms Scrub line, the Cherokee Inspired Comfort Award, the Nurse I Am Film and Scholarship program, Scrubs Magazine and now the Hospital Critters series of books, Strategic will definitely receive an “A” for effort.

The Hospital Critterz series of adventure books is designed to help children feel more at ease in a healthcare setting. The series will entertain, encourage, and let children’s imaginations soar. The author of the book is Stacey Laura Lloyd, who has won numerous writing awards.

Hospital Critterz is geared towards children ages 7-12, the book has already received rave reviews from nurses, librarians, children, and parents, it has also been featured on, The New York Journal of Books and discussed on the CBS daytime talk show “The Doctors”.

These books are a must have for parents to educate their kids to office counter tops. Scrub Couture is an authorized distributor of this series as well as other Strategic Partners brands such as ADC, Anywear Footwear, Baby Phat Scrubs, BooJee Beads, Cherokee Uniforms & Footwear, Dickies Medical, K-Swiss Footwear, Littmann Stethoscopes, and Skechers Uniforms.

Latest Medical Supply Company The Medical Outlet Streamlines Group Buying for Hospitals and Other Large Organizations. Offering Payroll Deductions, Color Coding and More.

A new trend in the medical workplace seems to be taking over. Many healthcare Organizations are enforcing dress codes in the workplace. We are seeing color coded scrubs per department so staff are easily identifiable, footwear restrictions for safety, and credentials worn on badge reels or lanyards in approved locations on the staff member. While print scrubs are bright and cheery, it’s also helpful if a patient doesn’t ask a Diet Aide about their medication. While some are not so happy, color coding should make it easier for staff, visitors, and patients to distinguish someone’s role in the work place.

In an effort to make the complex task of enforcing dress codes in these environments, The Medical Outlet makes it easier by tailoring programs to different organizations, which can be done at a “Buyer” or “Head of Purchasing” level down to specific logins for staff members. Many restrictions can be set in place, from restricting brands, to colors, to acceptable medical footwear available for purchase. An extremely helpful feature that can be integrated is Payroll Deduction. Payroll deductions are a great way to not only promote your employees to dress properly but also keep them in presentable fashion to patients and visitors. A lot of consumers are also appreciating this feature because of budget constraints due to the current economy.

Contact The Medical Outlet for a free consultation to get all your employees on the same page with complete uniforms from, Cherokee, Dickies, Baby Phat, Tooniforms, Avia, and Anywear.

Scrub Couture Launches MDF Instruments E-Store. MDF Instruments Offers Lifetime Warranty and Free Parts For Life On All Stethoscopes.

MDF Instruments is a US-Based manufacturer of Stethoscopes, Neural Reflex Hammers, Sphygmomanometers, and Diagnostic Pen Lights. MDF has been “Crafting Wellness” since 1971, and use premium grade metals to give their instruments lightweight properties, while making them super-duty and hygienic. Don’t let the external appearance fool you, not only do these instruments look good they perform even better.

MDF has a wide range of Stethoscopes to choose from with Cardiology, Pediatric, Infant, Teaching, Sprague Rappaport, Dual-Head and Single-Head models to choose from in a variety of colors from the increasingly popular “Black-Out” models to “Frosted” colors as well. MDF also manufacturer Sphygmomanometers with gauges being tested 3,000 before assembly. From the one-handed operation Medic Palm, to Mobile and Wall mount Androids these Sphygmomanometers are built to perform. MDF also has a line of replacement cuffs that fit many other major branded Sphygmomanometers on the market.

Neural Reflex Hammers crafted by MDF Instruments come with a few key features such as a model with a Lightweight Handle, integrated tips and retractable brushes, as well as being perfectly balanced for increased control of force in percussion’s to elicit myotatic reflexes.

With MDF Instruments you can perform your job in the medical profession as if someone’s life depends on it.

Scrub Couture Online Medical Uniform Distributor and Strategic Partners Bringing Health Professionals the Latest in Scrubs, Footwear and Instruments.

Scrub Couture has streamlined the shopping experience for Healthcare professionals purchasing Scrubs, Footwear, Stethoscopes, Sphygmomanometers and Medical Instruments with the help of Strategic Partners. Lets say a Doctor orders a Littmann Stethoscope at 3pm EST, that Stethoscope is guaranteed in stock because the Scrub Couture servers have already been updated with Strategics’s stock twice by 3pm. A purchase order is automatically generated and sent to Strategic, Strategic then packs and ships the stethoscope to the customer, Scrub Couture is then notified via email of the tracking number which is then posted to the Doctor’s account and they’re notified via email.. All this is automated and happens within 12-24 hours depending upon order time.

With the help of Strategic Partners, Scrub Couture is able to provide Doctor’s, Nurse’s, Dentists, Medical Students and anybody that wears Scrubs with product fast and efficiently. Scrub Couture has a huge selection of products available with the Strategic Umbrella including ADC Medical, Anywear footwear, Avia Footwear, Baby Phat Scrubs, BooJee Beads, Cherokee Workwear Uniforms and Footwear, Dickies Medical, K-Swiss Footwear, Littmann Stethoscopes, and Skechers Uniforms. Scrub Couture is proud to also offer New Balance Healthcare, Gel Scrub, Peaches Uniforms and Med Couture Scrubs.

Scrub Couture with the help and feedback from customers continues to make improvements to make shopping online fast, friendly and affordable. From Scrub Couture to you, Happy Shopping!

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